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I'm having a problem with optical drive on my laptop - Toshiba C660, but actually it is Debian specific, because I have no issues in Win7 or other Linux distributions. I'm running Debian testing 64bit with Gnome Shell, but I had this problem also on Debian testing with Awesome WM, so it's not about Gnome.
Any kind of cd, dvd disc inserted does not get detected automatically, so I could mount it from file manager. But it gets detected, when i run lsblk in a terminal, and then I get pop-up notification from Gnome, about what to do with this media.
Commenting cd rom line in fstab did not solve the problem. Other removable media like usb drives work fine.
It's pretty frustrating to run lsblk every time in order to detect cd/dvd?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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